Geomagnetic storm set to hit earth today

Geomagnetic storm set to hit earth today
Image: Pexels

A geomagnetic storm is set to hit planet earth today on September 26. The space weather tracking body of the US warned of this geomagnetic storm. And it is also likely to affect satellites and electricity grids.

As per the Space Weather Prediction Center (SWPC) of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), there is a possibility of a Geomagnetic Storm (G1 or G2-level) on September 26.

What is a geomagnetic storm?

It is different from a solar storm and is caused by solar wind. A geomagnetic storm is a disturbance of the earth’s magnetosphere and it takes place after an exchange of energy from the solar wind into the space environment surrounding the earth.

According to the SWPC, the largest storms that result from these conditions are associated with solar coronal mass ejections (CMEs).

Also, the area of impact of this geomagnetic storm could primarily be poleward of 60 degrees geomagnetic latitude.

It might cause power grid fluctuations and may impact satellites too.

The SWPC also added that the aurora could also be caused by a geomagnetic storm. This aurora might be visible at high latitudes, like the northern tier of the US.

However, G1 and G2 are Minor and Moderate level storms. That means they would not cause any major damages.

A G2 level storm can cause voltage alarms and transformer damage that too in high-latitude power systems.

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