How fast is the ISS? This picture shows its speed

How fast is the ISS? This picture tells its speed
Image: Thomas Pesquet/Twitter
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Have you ever wondered how fast the International Space Station (ISS) moves? At what speed does ISS work 24×7 orbiting our planet earth?

A European Space Agency astronaut aboard the ISS Thomas Pesquet has the answer. So, if you were to capture the transit of ISS in front of the Moon or the Sun, you’d only have around one second to get the shot.

Pesquet answers all the questions in one frame. What does that speed look like from up there? READ MORE ABOUT THE ISS

This photo was taken at a 30-second exposure. It gives us all an amazing sense of how fast the ISS orbits in space.

In short, the ISS flies at around 28,800 km/h (17895.5 mph). For comparison, Thomas adds that the speed of the ISS is around 25 times the speed of sound, or over 70 times faster than a Formula 1 car.

But there is more to come. ISS is known for experiments in space. The astronauts from above keep sharing their experiences with us all on earth via pictures and videos.

Recently, Thomas Pesquet had stitched 100 pictures of the Suez Canal to give us an unprecedented view of the canal.

The space station is making history while unravelling the mysteries of space and the universe.

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