Largest Fish breeding colony discovered in Weddell Sea

Largest Fish breeding colony discovered in Weddell Sea
Representative Image from Pexels

Scientists have discovered the world’s largest fish breeding area near the Filchner Ice Shelf south of the Antarctic Weddell Sea.

Photographs showing several nests of icefish of the species Neopagetopsis can be seen.

The fresh observations were made with the help of a so-called OFOBS. This is the Ocean Floor Observation and Bathymetry System, a camera system to explore the seafloor of extreme environments.

Researchers towing the camera on a special fibre-optic and power cable got to see the unbelievable sight.

Last year in February, the team aboard the research vessel Polarstern found this massive icefish breeding colony while surveying the seabed with the camera system.

These photos show numerous fish nests. Research also shows that on average, one breeding site per three square meters, the team found a maximum of one to two active nests per square meter.

Moreover, scientists estimated that the total number of fish nests is around 60 million.

The nests are round are 15 centimetres deep, and 75 centimetres in diameter.

The team distinguishes several types of fish nests like Active nests. There are nests that had only eggs.

A detailed analysis reveals that the region is a popular destination for Weddell seals.

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