Life could survive on Mars- Here’s how!

Life could survive on Mars- Here's how!
Image: NASA/Twitter

Earlier notions had it that no life could ever survive on Mars. But that does not seem the truth! As some microbes, like the black mold fungus, have the ability to temporarily survive on Mars.

NASA and the German Aerospace Centre did a test on the endurance of these microorganisms in Mars-like condition. They did this by launching them into Earth’s stratosphere. This will help in knowing about the potential for life on Mars.

How scientists did this to find life on Mars?

This new way involves exposing the bacteria and fungi to Mars-like conditions. For this, they used a scientific balloon to fly experimental equipment up to Earth’s stratosphere.

But these microbial hitchhikers could be a potential threat to astronauts on Mars. This was an important research when it comes to assessing possibility for life on Mars.

As there is sufficient research to suggest a correlation between black mold’s presence and serious health problems.

Moreover, this survival of microbes is actually a good news for us. As it supports the end goal that is to create life on Mars. And make it fit for human habitation in the future.

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