Mars Perseverance rover clicks a sunset Picture on Mars

Mars Perseverance rover clicks picture of a sunset on Mars

Since day one, NASA’s Perseverance rover has been doing incredible work. It has captured numerous pictures and videos and sent them on earth to aid research.

Perseverance Rover shared its first view of how a sunset on Mars would look like.

It is a dim ghostly light in which the sun is setting behind the hills in Mars’ Jezero Crater.

This Crater is quite popular among space enthusiasts, it is a place planetary scientists suspect was once flooded with water.

NASA on Twitter had explained this sunset’s muted colours. Mars Perseverance rover has been sending amazing pictures and sounds from the red planet.

Perseverance’s primary mission is to seek out signs of past, ancient microbial life.

This is a very important area in which scientists are interested.

It also means that scientists painstakingly research out the rocks that might harbour past hints of life.

Perseverance has also started collecting rocks for a future mission. Moreover, NASA has directed the Mars rover to store three rock samples in titanium tubes.

The main goal of the Mars Exploration Program is to explore Mars and to provide a continuous flow of scientific information and discovery.

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