Mars rover beams back stunning images

Mars rover beams back stunning images
Image: Mars Rover Twitter

NASA released new photographs sent by Perseverance on Friday. It shows one of the rover being gently lowered to the surface of Mars by a set of cables.

This is for the first time such a view we are viewing. The high-resolution still was successfully extracted from a video taken by the descent stage of the spacecraft that had transported the rover from here.

Another image is from the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. It also captures Perseverance as it was parachuting down through the atmosphere.

Perseverance also uploaded its first high-resolution photo. The colour photo shows the flat region it lands on in the Jezero Crater. Here a river and deep lake existed billions of years ago.

Moreover, The second color image shows one of Mars rover’s six wheels. It is with several honeycombed rocks which are thought to be more than 3.6 billion years old lying next to it.

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