Mars sounds captured by Perseverance rover: Hear the red planet

Mars sounds captured by Perseverance rover: Hear the red planet
Image: NASA/Twitter

Mars, the red planet is one such planet scientists are interested in. And when it comes to netizens, they all are equally interested in Mars and its sounds.

Here is a new time-lapse released by NASA. This shows its Perseverance rover speeding across the surface of Mars.

The two microphones aboard the Perseverance rover captured nearly five hours of Martian winds.

One can hear the rover wheels crunching over gravel. These very Mars sounds are now allowing the scientists to experience the Red Planet sitting here on earth.

The sounds from Mars have strong bass vibrations; with your headphones, you can really feel it.

Perseverance has become the first spacecraft to record the sound of Mars.

The SuperCam studies rocks and soil. Moreover, the microphone has already recorded more than 25,000 laser shots.

Scientists use the cameras to monitor the wheel wear on the Curiosity rover.

The Perseverance team is working towards amassing all the recordings from the rover’s mic.

It will add to a lot of insight when it comes to Mars and its atmosphere.


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