Meteorite falls on woman’s pillow, breaking her roof: See pics

Meteorite falls on woman's pillow, breaking her roof: See pics
Pic:Strange Sounds/Twitter

It was an unbelievable experience for a British Columbia woman when a meteorite crashed through her roof. And guess what? The meteorite landed right on her pillow.

The woman, Ruth Hamilton was asleep at her home when she got a bit disturbed after her dog barking in the house.

And what happened next was a huge explosion. All the debris was over her face.

As per Hamilton, she got out of bed and turned on the lights, It was when she saw a hole in her ceiling.

The meteorite landed right between her pillows. It was the melon-sized space rock that had just landed all the way from outer space.

Also, as per the experts at the Western University in London, Ontario, the rock that landed in Hamilton’s bed is a meteorite.

About Meteorites?

Meteorites are important to scientists on earth because they represent some of the original, diverse materials that formed planets billions of years ago.

With the help of meteorites, scientists can learn about early conditions and processes in our solar system.

The meteorite that fell on woman’s pillow

Also, meteorites may resemble earth rocks. They usually have a burned exterior with a shiny appearance. This fusion crust forms as the meteorite’s outer surface melt while passing through the atmosphere.

As per Nasa, most meteorites on earth come from shattered asteroids.

But some also come from Mars or the Moon. With the help of photographic observations of meteorites, scientists calculate orbits and project their paths back to the asteroid belt.


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