Must Watch: Incredible view of Earth from space in 2020, NASA shares stunning images

Our planet Earth looked majestic as ever in 2020 even as some unprecedented events took place across the world.

Astronauts aboard NASA’s International Space Station (ISS) keep on taking some stunning and breath-taking images of Earth.

NASA has picked and combined 20 of the pictures of Earth captured in 2020. Johnson Space Center’s Earth Science and Remote Sensing Unit has selected the photos.

Johnson Space Center’s YouTube channel has posted a video in which the beautiful images can be seen.

Have a look:

One photo captured on March 30 shows the pristine blue waters surrounding Cuba and the Bahamas.

Incredible view of Earth from space

Another one reveals the contrasting colours of Cooper Creek and was captured when the ISS passed over southwest Queensland on April 5.

Incredible view of Earth from space

The dazzling city lights of Paris were captured in a photo on November 25 and they look stunning! Aren’t they?

Incredible view of Earth from space