Mysterious fast radio bursts from unknown sources in universe baffle scientists

Mysterious fast radio bursts coming from unknown sources in universe baffle scientists
Image: Pexel

Scientists have found hundreds of mysterious blasts or bursts of radio energy coming from deep in the universe. The number of fast radio bursts has dramatically increased. This comes after a Canadian telescope detected 535 new examples.

Fast radio bursts are intensely powerful. But they last for a very short time. These are blasts of energy that reach us from unknown sources in the distant universe.

Though scientists have been looking for their source for years. These radio bursts were first discovered in 2007, with only 140 examples of them to go by.

But with time passing by, that number has quadrupled now. Scientists are using a Canadian telescope ‘CHIME’, With this telescope, they have found 535 examples in its first year of operation, between 2018 and 2019. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

With so many of them being catalogued, scientists have now also discovered their specific kinds. They believe some repeat, while others don’t.

Of the sources, 18 seem to repeat and the rest do not. Moreover, those that repeat have different characteristics. They last a little longer and emit in more focused frequencies.

Scientists have assembled their findings into a new FRB catalogue. They also hope that it can be used to fully understand the origin of these bursts.

Just within a year of observation with the help of CHIME, scientists have discovered hundreds of fast radio bursts.

Scientists hope that the results can be used to measure other important characteristics of the universe. Fast radio bursts may serve as a way to map how gas is distributed throughout the cosmos, for instance.

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