NASA Artemis 1 moon rocket to liftoff in February 2022

NASA Artemis 1 moon rocket to liftoff in February 2022

NASA has finally set the dates for launching a spacecraft to the moon and back. It will begin in mid-February.

The space agency officials, via a news conference, announced a two-week period beginning February 12 for a flight — without astronauts.

This will be the Space Launch System, or SLS, which is going to be the biggest rocket flown by NASA in decades.

But this timeline of February will depend upon the results of testing on the ground.

The officials have also announced more two-week flight periods in March and April, sans astronauts. These are based on the moon’s alignment with the earth.

The agency achieved a major milestone lately when it stacked the Orion crew capsule atop its Space Launch System megarocket.

The mission duration is expected to be 4-6 weeks. It will also see deploying a number of small satellites, known as CubeSats. These will perform experiments and technology demonstrations.

NASA says the moonwalkers will include the first woman and first person of colour to make the trip. While Artemis 2 is technically scheduled for 2023 and Artemis 3 for 2024.


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