NASA captures image of Sun emitting mid-level solar flare

NASA captures image of Sun emitting mid-level solar flare
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NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory has captured an image of the Sun emitting mid-level solar flare.

It peaked at 11.31am IST; the solar flares are powerful bursts of electromagnetic radiation, these could last from minutes to hours.

NASA classified the sun flare as an M5.5 class flare, an x-ray flare of moderate severity.

However, the harmful radiations from a flare cannot pass through Earth’s atmosphere to affect the humans.

But it can impact radio communications, electric power grids, navigation signals and spacecrafts among others.

As per NASA, the increased level of X-ray and extreme ultraviolet radiation leads to ionization in the lower layers of the ionosphere on the sunlit side of Earth.

And when a strong solar flare occurs it could lead to degradation and complete absorption of HF radio signals, resulting in a radio blackout.

Solar flares mostly take place in active regions on the Sun marked by the presence of strong magnetic fields.

These are typically associated with sunspot groups. And as these magnetic fields evolve, they can reach a point of instability and release energy in a variety of forms.

These may be electromagnetic radiation observed as solar flares.

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