NASA scientists capture sound of the Sun, netizens call it ‘cool’

US space agency NASA marked the #SunDay on November 22 by sharing an amazing clip of the sound of the Sun. NASA said that the dynamic movement of the atmosphere of the Sun was captured using the data from ESA and NASA’s SOHO for nearly 25 years.

The official Twitter handle of NASA Sun & Space shared the sound of Sun’s movement including its waves, loops and eruptions.

Alex Young, associate director for science in the Heliophysics Science Division at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Centre in Greenbelt, Maryland, can be heard describing how the sound is created inside the Sun.

According to the official website, Young said, “We don’t have straightforward ways to look inside the Sun. We don’t have a microscope to zoom inside the Sun. So using a star or the Sun’s vibrations allows us to see inside of it”.

He added, “We can see huge rivers of solar material flowing around. We are finally starting to understand the layers of the Sun and the complexity. That simple sound is giving us a probe inside of a star. I think that’s a pretty cool thing”.

The audio clip has got more than 95,000 views on Twitter and nearly 2,500 likes with some users calling it cool, some saying it makes them feel “great.”

One user wrote, “This is so cool, you’ll never know what science is capable of”.

“I only wish there was less talking, so we could listen,” said another user.