NASA shares pic of a 300-year-old remnant from a supernova explosion of a big star

NASA shares pic of 300-year-old remnant from a supernova explosion
Image: NASA/Instagram

NASA has shared an image of a 300-year-old remnant from the supernova explosion of a huge star. It is located 11,000 light-years away from our planet earth.

The space agency also explains how the explosion ‘Cassiopeia A’ was captured in its full glory using three observatories.

A supernova or explosion of a star is the largest explosion that takes place in space. As soon as NASA uploaded the image on Instagram, the comments section began flooding with people appreciating the beautiful picture, ‘kaleidoscope of color’. The post has garnered over 1.3 million likes.

The post says the different colours in the image provide different details captured by each observatory. It gives astronomers a holistic view of Cas A.

Blue and Green are X-ray data from NASA Chandra X-ray Observatory, it displays gasses at about 10 million degrees celsius.

As per NASA, “This hot gas was likely created when ejected material from the supernova smashed into surrounding gas and dust at speeds of about 10 million miles per hour.”

The red colour is Infrared data, it shows the warm dust in the ‘outer shell with temperatures of about 10 degrees celsius’.

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