NASA to send DAVINCI+ to explore Venus

NASA to send DAVINCI+ to explore Venus
Image: NASA

Venus is often dubbed as Earth’s twin. Now two separate probes will investigate this dry and inhospitable planet which has a surface temperature of 470 degrees Celsius.

Nasa last week approved two missions to Venus. These will help study the scorched landscape of planet Venus. The planet is covered in clouds of sulfuric acid and a thick atmosphere of carbon dioxide.

Various theories claim that Venus may once have been more like Earth. It was apparently a world with oceans that was potentially habitable for life.

The probe is named after Leonardo da Vinci, who connected engineering, technology, and even art through his work. The DAVINCI+ could be a pioneer in exploring the planet Venus.

Deep Atmosphere Venus Investigation of Noble gases, Chemistry, and Imaging Plus (DAVINCI+) will have a spacecraft and a probe.

The 500 million dollar spacecraft will track the clouds and map surface composition by measuring heat emission.

It will also sample its chemistry, temperature, pressure, and winds. Moreover, it will also be taking high-resolution images of Alpha Regio which is an ancient highland.

The probe will be launched in 2030. It will conduct two flybys to study and map the surface composition of Venus for a period of two years. The DAVINCI+ probe will then enter Venus’ atmosphere during a descent that will last about an hour before landing at Alpha Regio.

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