NASA’s Hubble Telescope Angel Wings: Don’t miss the Pic

NASA's Hubble Telescope Angel Wings: Don't miss the Pic

NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope has recorded an image of two merging galaxies in the VV-689 system.

Guess what? These galaxies appear to be shaped like wings. Currently, these two galaxies are in the middle of a collision with the nickname of ‘Angel Wing’.

What’s even more interesting is that the interaction between these two galaxies is almost symmetrical. This is the reason why these abundant stars resemble wings.

The beautiful image was recorded from Hubble observations inspecting Zoo Gems.

They are counted as interesting galaxies under its Zoo citizen science project.

It is to be noted here that NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope was launched in 1990.

It has been named in honour of Edwin Hubble, a renowned American astronomer.

This telescope is now a space-based observatory. Hubble has come up with major significant observations related to interstellar objects.

Its detailed observations include moons around Pluto and a comet crashing into Jupiter.

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