Nature in full glory | NASA shares rose made of galaxies in Andromeda

Nature in full glory | NASA shares rose made of galaxies in Andromeda
Image: NASA/Instagram

NASA has almost broken the gap between us and outer space. As the space agency keeps sharing almost everything from there to us – on earth. Here is an Andromeda rose for you all!

Be it lack holes, space stations, astronauts taking spacewalk or galaxies, NASA makes it sure to keep the enthusiasts abreast with all of it.

This time NASA’s Hubble Telescope has shared an interesting cosmic event. It captures an exciting image of two galaxies, 300 million light-years away in the constellation Andromeda.

What is so exciting about it is the fact that the two galaxies are interacting in a way that they appear to resemble a cosmic rose. That’s why it makes an Andromeda rose.

NASA has reposted this image, taken about a decade ago, on Instagram. The galaxies of Arp 273 interact due to gravitational attraction.

The larger galaxy, UGC 1810appears in a rose-like shape because of the gravitational pull of the galaxy below it, UGC 1813.

And the scattered blue sparkles in the image are the numerous massive stars. You can see the beautiful Andromeda rose in the picture below.

Earlier also, The Hubble Telescope has captured innumerable spectacular events of space horizon.

As per NASA, Hubble is able to capture such amazing views as Andromeda rose because it has an unobstructed view of the universe. CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE OF SUCH PICS TAKEN BY HUBBLE TELESCOPE

This helps scientists observe the most distant stars and galaxies in our solar system. NASA never fails to surprise the sky gazers and space enthusiasts.

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