Orbital space junk to make Saturn-like rings around Earth

Orbital space junk to make Saturn-like rings around Earth

We all know about the race to space and how it helps life on earth. But have you ever wondered how much junk or debris it generates in outer space?

When our planet earth is already struggling with climate change, earth’s orbit is also on track to become the junkyard of our solar system.

As per a researcher from the University of Utah, Jake Abbott, Earth is on course to have its own rings.

“They’ll just be made of space junk,” he said.

Just like Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Uranus, the earth will also be having some type of ring.

The signature broad rings around Saturn are made of ice and rock.

But our earth on the other hand is having discontinued and damaged satellites, rockets and other space-based material.

The Department of Defense and NASA’s Orbital Debris Program Office keep a detailed record of objects that circle our planet earth.

As per an estimation, there are currently 23,000 pieces of orbital debris orbiting as earth’s highway of space trash.

The researchers at Utah have been studying safe and economic ways to clean up our orbit.

Between 200 and 400 pieces are believed to fall back to earth annually. However, most of them burn up in the atmosphere before they can make an impact.

Lately, Russia’s space agency shot down one of its inert satellites. This happened without any warning. The country exploded a nearly 2.5-ton satellite into bits and sent the crew on the International Space Station in a panic over the potential impact from its blast.

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