Perseverance shares stunning image before landing on Mars

Perseverance rover: NASA releases video, audio received from Mars
Image credit: @NASAPersevere

The Perseverance rover sent back an exciting image from space, right before landing on the surface of Mars on February 19, 2021.

The image was further shared by NASA on its official Twitter handle of the Perseverance, i.e. @NASAPersevere.

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In the image, the entire rover can be seen clearly and closely. The picture might have been clicked when the rover was almost on the red planet.

The image shows the lower right quarter with wires. These wires were used to lower the vehicle down from the lander.

The lander hovered above the surface of the mars with the help of rocket propulsion.

After the confirmation of landing, the lander was programmed to go to a safe place and go down on the surface to avoid any damage to the rover.

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