Researchers discover the world’s oldest water

Researchers discover the world’s oldest water

A team of researchers from the University of Toronto has discovered the oldest water on the earth. It may help scientists to know about the possibility of life on Mars.

The sample of the water was secured from beneath the Earth’s surface at a base metal mine in Timmins, Ontario in 2009.

The team which discovered the sample of the oldest water was led by Professor Barbara Sherwood Lollar.

Researchers who conducted tests at the University of Oxford discovered the mean age of the water sample was 1.6 billion years old.

This discovery might answer one of humanity’s biggest questions, i.e., “could there be life on other planters?”

“This water is full of all kinds of dissolved elements, dissolved chemicals and it’s those chemicals that allow life to eke out an existence in these deep, dark places,” Sherwood Lollar said.