Rose-shaped Coral reef in good condition discovered off Tahiti coast in French Polynesia

Coral reef in good condition discovered off Tahiti coast in French Polynesia

A big coral reef at depths of around 100ft has been discovered off the coast of Tahiti, French Polynesia.

The pristine coral reef caught the eyes of marine explorers.

At such depths, it has now become one of the largest discovered coral reefs, as per the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. It was UNESCO that had led the mission.

Marine experts believe there might be probably many more of these ecosystems we just don’t know about.

UNESCO will be working to map them and to protect them for their rich value addition to the ecosystem.

The coral reef was found in November, it was during a diving expedition to the ocean’s twilight zone when these were discovered. It is a part of a global seabed-mapping mission.

It is worth noting that coral reefs are among the ocean’s most threatened ecosystems. These remain vulnerable to pollution, rising sea temperatures and the change in chemistry led by carbon-dioxide emissions that dissolve in the water.

Coral Reefs

This discovery of the corals also adds to our knowedge about the huge previously unknown coral reef system.

Now, the scientists will need to map these special places, understand their ecological role and make sure they are protected best.

Mostly, these are found at shallower depths due to the algae that needs light. This discovery also provides an important insight into ocean biodiversity.

We also know that about 25 per cent of marine species can be found in coral reefs. Scientists will now try to find out what species live around this type of reef.

Moreover, it is believed that the deeper reefs may be better protected from global warming. Besides, these reefs in such a good condition can also inspire future conservation.

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