Scientists to send radio message to aliens soon

Scientists to send radio message to aliens soon

Scientists on earth will try to contact aliens in space. Earlier, in 1974 when the first humans set foot on the Moon. Also, a powerful radio message was broadcast with the Arecibo telescope in Puerto Rico.

It had information about the basic chemicals of life DNA structure, Earth’s place in our solar system, and a stick figure of a human.

Did you know the message is still travelling in space? And it might contact aliens too.

It has been nearly fifty years since that simple message was sent out. Now, the scientists are again trying to send another broadcast to aliens in the Milky Way galaxy.

This interstellar message may open communication channels between the human species and aliens.

Moreover, scientists aim to broadcast simple principles for communication, basic mathematical concepts and DNA information about humans, our Earth, and a return address if someone wants to revert.

For the same, scientists may use the Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical radio Telescope in China and Allen Telescope Array in northern California.

It will be sent to a selected region of the Milky Way which is thought to be the most likely for life to have developed.

The team says that the message will have digitised depictions of the Solar System along with an invitation for any receiving intelligence to respond.

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