Solar Eruptions led by new sunspot blurting out solar particles into space

Solar Eruptions led by new sunspot blurting out solar particles into space

The Sun is all-powering, it has been the source of energy since time immemorial. It is the solar energy that becomes the centre of powerful eruptions that can lead to severe damages.

Astronomers have made some key observations. There is a development on the northeastern limb of the Sun, which could be a new sunspot blurting particles into space.

The Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) has recorded a five-hour-long sequence of dynamic activity on the limb.

So far, NASA has been unable to predict the exact nature of these solar eruptions. As the limb remains obscured to planet earth due to the rotation of the planet.

Now the scientists are hoping that as Earth rotates around the Sun, the newly developed area will come into view for further analysis.

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As per a report in, the blast site is hidden just behind the edge of the sun and is most certainly an unstable sunspot.

The Sun has an 11-year solar activity cycle. The year 2021 is the beginning of another active cycle.

As per astronomers, during the beginning of a cycle, there are fewer sunspots, but as the peak activity comes nearer, these spots see an increase. It results in blurting out solar particles into open space.


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