SpaceX all-civilian crew returns to earth after historic mission

SpaceX all-civilian crew returns to earth after historic mission
Image: SpaceX Twitter

Four SpaceX tourists returned to earth safely after spending three days in space. The crew successfully concluded the first orbital mission in history. It is to be noted that there were no professional astronauts.

The SpaceX Dragon capsule was slowed down by four large parachutes before splashing into the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Florida.

A SpaceX boat immediately retrieved the capsule, before its hatch was opened. The main goal behind the mission, called Inspiration4, was to encourage the democratization of space.

It aimed to prove that the cosmos are accessible to common people also who are not astronauts. The four-space novices namely Isaacman and three other Americans spent three days orbiting Earth.

They were travelling farther than the International Space Station (ISS), at an orbit of about 575 kilometres.

The Inspiration4 crew had to go through a rigorous training session over the course of six months.

During the flight, the crew members’ vital signs like heart rate, sleep, blood oxygen levels and cognitive abilities were also monitored to study the effects of space on complete novices.

This is the third landing that Elon Musk’s company has taken humans to space and back.

The members of the Inspiration4 mission did not go to the ISS but remained in orbit around the earth.

SpaceX is also planning further space tourism flights.

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