SpaceX to launch the first all-civilian mission in 2021

NASA Crew 1 Mission Astronauts Safely Splashdown from Space
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In a major announcement, SpaceX said it aims to launch the first all-civilian mission into earth’s orbit.

Jared Isaacman

Three other novice astronauts will join Jared Isaacman for the journey into space.

However, the Dragon spacecraft’s launch is being targeted for the fourth quarter of this year, according to reports.

One seat will go to a worker from St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital of childhood cancers and pediatric diseases, and the second will be from those who enter the raffle.

The third one will be finalised by a panel of judges from entrepreneurs.

All three crew members will receive commercial astronaut training by SpaceX on the Falcon 9 launch vehicle and Dragon spacecraft.

Moreover, they will also undergo stress testing, operating in micro- or zero gravity among other mechanics for the space jouney.

According to SpaceX, during the multi-day mission, the astronauts will orbit Earth every 90 minutes.

After the mission, the spacecraft will reenter the atmosphere for a water landing off the Florida coast.

In addition to the first commercial mission, SpaceX will also launch two more crewed flights for NASA in 2021. One in the spring, and four cargo refueling missions over the next 15 months.

Earlier Elon Musk had promised 100 million dollars for the development of best technology to capture carbon dioxide emissions.

Musk announced the news on Twitter. In addition to the latest electric car technology, Musk highlighted Tesla’s broader vision.

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