SpaceX to take 4 astronauts to ISS on April 22

NASA, SpaceX launch Crew 2 mission to International Space Station
Image credit: @SpaceX

American Space agency SpaceX will carry four astronauts to the International Space Station on April 22, 2021.

It is the second routine mission since the resumption of the crewed space flights by the United States.

The flight with crew members is scheduled to leave Kennedy Space Center located in Florida at around 6:11 am Eastern Time (1011GMT) on Thursday.

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Two US astronauts, Shane Kimbrough and Megan McArthur, with Akihiko Hoshide from the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency and Thomas Pesquet from the European Space Agency, will join this mission as the crew members.

The mission is called Crew-2. All of the crew members have previously flown to space.

The American Space Agency SpaceX has built its reputation as the space transportation provider. It ended nine years of American reliance on Russian rockets for rides to ISS by launching its first crewed test flight in May 2020.

On Thursday, the booster rocket which was used in the Crew-1 mission will be used in the Crew-2 mission.

Talking about the mission, European Astronaut Thomas Pesquet said Europe’s commitment to space flight will be underscored by his participation.

“It means a lot for us as an agency because we’ve been part of the ISS program for 20 years now and we intend to be part of what’s coming next,” he said.

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