SpaceX’s first lunar tourist offers free seats to moon trip

SpaceX's first lunar tourist offers free seats to moon trip
Image Credit: @yousuckMZ

Japanese entrepreneur and fashion billionaire Yusaku Maezawa and eight other people will become the first to board SpaceX’s Big Falcon Rocket as lunar tourists in 2023.

He has bought all seats on the spacecraft and announced to take eight others on a week-long space trip with him.

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Before Big Falcon Rocket’s take-off, eight other people will be chosen by the Yusaku Maezawa. Those who want to go with him on a space trip can make registration at the dearMoon site on or before March 14.

Initially, Maezawa wanted to choose artists for his future space trip, but now he has decided to choose his tripmates under two conditions.


Under the first condition, a candidate will require to tell the selector how he/she would utilize space trips to help people and society.

On the other hand, under the second condition, the candidate will have to explain how they will have to describe how their presence will help other crewmembers in achieving their ambitions.

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