UN Chief urges govts across globe, says cancel all coal projects

UN Chief urges govts across globe, says cancel all coal projects
Image Credit: @antonioguterres

General Secretary of the United Nations, António Guterres on March 03, 2021, urged governments, companies, and local authorities across the globe to cancel all coal projects and end addiction to the most polluting fossil fuel.

He advised governments, companies, and local authorities across the globe to phase out coal from the electricity sector and said it is the most important step to curb climate crisis.

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His call to end dependency upon coal came before the commencement of the Power Past Coal Alliance (PPCA) summit. Powering Past Coal Alliance (PPCA) is a group of government and businesses aimed at ending dependency upon coal for power.

Founded by the UK and Canada in 2017, PPCA aims to end the burning of most polluting fossil fuel for power by 2030 in developed countries and reducing it by 80 percent everywhere across the world. The United Kingdom wants to end using coal at power plants by 2024. However, a new mine in Cumbria has been approved by the country for the production of steel.

An important climate summit, Cop26, is scheduled to be held during November in the UK. Recently, two more nations joined the PPCA, following which an announcement was made by the ground.

“Today, I am calling on all governments, private companies, and local authorities to take three steps,” said Guterres.

“First, cancel all global coal projects in the pipeline and end the deadly addiction to coal. Second, end the international financing of coal plants and … third, jump-start a global effort to finally organise a just transition [for coal industry workers], going plant by plant if necessary,” he said.

“Having gone over 5,000 hours without using coal for electricity last year, the UK is powering forward with the transition away from coal for power generation and into the enormous economic potential of clean technologies,” Anne-Marie Trevelyan, UK energy minister, was quoted as telling to the PPCA summit in a media report.

“By working together we are creating a healthier future for our children and grandchildren,” Jonathan Wilkinson, environment minister of Canada, said.

“The UK is supposed to be leading this alliance, but far from Powering Past Coal – we’re scaling back up. Unless plans for the new mine are immediately scrapped, Boris Johnson will have damaged the credibility and moral authority needed to demand action from world leaders as host of this year’s global climate conference,” Doug Parr, at Greenpeace UK, said.

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