Unusual striped patterns in Russia snow baffle NASA

Unusual striped patterns in Russia snow baffle NASA

A NASA satellite shows strange rippled lines across parts of Russia’s arctic. It leaves scientists puzzled.

The photographs are from Operational Land Imager (OLI) on NASA’s Landsat 8 satellite.

NASA satellite shows the region on both sides of the Markha River in Russia’s Central Siberian Plateau.

However, this intriguing stripes effect is always visible. But it becomes more visible in winters due to the white snow. It makes the patterns stand out.

NASA researchers believe that the cause of this effect is because this part of the Central Siberian Plateau is in permafrost for over 90 per cent of the year.

But sometimes it melts for short intervals. Another reason could be land erosion. Geologists tell NASA the stripes resemble a layer cake pattern in the sedimentary rocks.

Furthermore, no conclusion can be made for now until scientists make a close study of it.

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