Watch: Giant mysterious fireball falls from the sky, crashes into ground in China

A video showing a giant fireball falling from the sky and crashing into the ground in China’s Yushu City has gone viral on internet.

Reports said the fireball seen in the video is possibly a meteor. Residents in western Qinghai heard loud bangs on Wednesday and even saw a mysterious bright ball-like object falling from the sky.

A local named Dan Ba reportedly witnessed the scene while taking his child to school. He told the media that the fireball first appeared small and began bigger and brighter as approached the ground.

The event was also witnessed by a few other locals, who recorded videos and posted on Twitter.

The video had left netizens stunned and it has widely been shared on social media and getting a lot of reactions.

A user wrote, “A giant meteor fireball fell from the sky in China. What’s next lol?

“So in 2020 we got – a pandemic – a volcano erupting – killer hornets – the most hurricanes ever – massive wildfires in California and Australia – Flooding in china and east Asia – civil unrest across the US and Europe – massive explosion in Beirut and now meteors,” wrote another user.

A tweet read, “There seems to be alot of fireballs just falling to earth this year, this is like incident #4 I’ve seen since October.”