Weird radio signals coming from unseen planets intrigue scientists

Weird radio signals coming from unseen planets intrigue scientists
Image: Pexels

There are strange radio signals coming from unseen planets As per the scientists’ models, some of the signals could be produced through interactions between the magnetic fields of planets and their host stars.

More than 4,500 exoplanets have been detected so far. And most of them are spotted using the transit method.

Astronomers from ASTRON in the Netherlands, and the University of Queensland in Australia have been experimenting with detecting planets by using radio waves and Low-Frequency Array (LOFAR) telescope.

The astronomers’ team was examining red dwarfs; small stars with strong magnetic activity.

As these are the ones that produce flares and radio emissions. Also, LOFAR’s increased sensitivity allowed the astronomers to pick up 19 red dwarf stars.

Out of those, there were four that intrigued the scientists. As they were older stars with reduced magnetic activity.

They dismissed it as stellar winds. But for now, any planets that may be orbiting these stars have yet to be directly discovered.

Plus, future radio telescopes could be sensitive enough to spot them.


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