What’s that mystery object on the far side of Moon?

What's that mystery object on the far side of Moon?

China’s rover has spotted a mystery object on the far side of the Moon. This comes as per a report published in Space.com.

The Yutu 2 rover is working in the Von Kármán crater. It reportedly spotted the object 80 metres away from its current location.

This cube-shaped object has been dubbed a mystery hut. As per Space.com, the discovery was made in November, nearly two years after it reached the moon.

“Suddenly, an obtrusive cube on the northern skyline caught their attention. This object pierced through the winding of the skyline, like a mysterious hut that appeared out of thin air. There was a large baby impact crater beside it. Was it a home built by aliens after the crash landing? Or is it the pioneer spacecraft of the predecessors to explore the moon?”

The space website quoted this from Yutu 2 diary. It is a Chinese language outreach channel that is affiliated with the China National Space Administration (CNSA). It also shared photos of the object.

China’s Chang’e-4 probe had carried Yutu 2 rover to the far side of the moon.


Launched in December 2018, it made the first-ever soft landing on the Von Karman Crater in the South Pole-Aitken Basin on the far side of the moon in January 2019.

The rover Yutu-2, however, exceeded its three-month design lifespan. It has now become the longest-working lunar rover on the moon.

As per Chinese folklore, Yutu is the white pet rabbit of Chang’e, which is the moon goddess after which the lunar mission was named.

Chang’e 4 is China’s fourth Moon mission. Also, it is second to deliver a rover to Earth’s closest neighbour in space.

This discovery has already created a buzz on Twitter. The most probable explanation is that the object is a boulder that was excavated upon impact.

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