Amul and Fevicol join in on ‘Cristiano Ronaldo – Coca-Cola’ controversy

Amul and Fevicol join in on ‘Cristiano Ronaldo - Coca-Cola’ controversy
Image credit: Twitter

Since ace footballer Cristiano Ronaldo snubbed Coke and the meme factory has been cranking out smart creatives nonstop.

Coca-Cola price dropped by more than $4 billion as a result of the incident.
This fuelled even more social media craziness.

In the advertising sector, Amul and Fevicol are masters of timing and wit.

They have come up with fantastic creatives with their own interpretations on the issue, not allowing the golden opportunity pass them by.

Fevicol, Pidilite’s adhesive brand, created one of its standard adverts boasting about its stickiness.

On the press conference table, the adhesive bottles stood solid.
“na bottle hategi, na valuation ghategi,” the ad stated, implying that neither the bottles nor the valuation will be shifted.

The meme art was well-received by the internet community:

Soon after, Amul, the dairy giant known for its signature newspaper cartoons, produced a cartoon.

With the presser backdrop, the Amul girl carried a bottle of the company’s Amul Kool flavoured milk in one hand and the company’s butter bar in the other.

“Not bottle one’s feelings, never put aside,” read a line across the creative.

Take a look at this:

Meanwhile, the beverage company said “everyone is entitle to their drink preferences” in its reaction to the incident.

Fans had already dredged out an old footage of Ronaldo in a Coca-Cola commercial, which had gone viral on social media.

Many people reposted the video, accusing the Portuguese athlete of being a hypocrite for his recent Coca-Cola snub.

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