Brazilian legend Pele admitted to hospital; currently out of ICU

Edson Arantes do Nascimento AKA Pele, the Brazilian Football Legend and former Brazilian Sports Minister, recently went for a surgery for his suspected colon tumor earlier this month.

The surgery was said to be successful and Pele too showed good recovery signs, but couple days before, Pele reported some breathing problem.

He was then again admitted to the hospital in ICU.

About Pele

Edson Arantes do Nascimento also known to world and soccer fans as Pele is one of the biggest sport Icon of the 20th century.

He is even consider as the greatest soccer player of all time by lots of fans, he was even given the name ‘Greatest’ by the FIFA.

In his long career, Pele has Scored more than 1000 goals. He has scored 1282 goals in the 1363 matches he played throughout his life.

Pele also held the record for the most goal scored for a single club, 643 goals for the Brazilian Club Santos. The record was later on broken by Lionel Messi when he scored 644 goals for Barcelona in 2020.

Pele also holds the record for being the only player in the whole world to win 3 World Cups, this record is yet mot broken.

Pele is not only a legend of Soccer but also a legend of Sport.

Pele’s Condition

Pele’s current condition is told to be better, he has been shifted from ICU to semi Intensive care.

Pele has been giving a lot of visits to the hospital for past couple of years.

Pele is 80 years old and health during this age period set to derail a bit and surgeries and other things just happen to worsen the condition.

Earlier this month, Pele underwent a successful surgery for his suspected colon tumor, he was recovering pretty well from the surgery, until couple days back when he reported breathing issue and was admitted back to the hospital for precaution matters.

For now, Pele has been feeling well and is with his family in the hospital under really good care.

Although, the Brazilian Legend has shown great spirit and speedy recovery, we all should pray for the well being of the Icon.

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