Catches win matches: Players who have taken more than 300 catches in international cricket

Catches win matches: Players who have taken more than 300 catches in international cricket
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In cricket, fielding is a skill that is greatly undervalued.

Because cricket is a team sport, every run saved or timely catch may be quite valuable.

As a result, we’ve noticed that there’s a lot of emphasis on training players in this department these days.

so, here are the list of players who have taken more than 300 catches.

Mahela Jayawardene – 440 catches

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Mahela Jayawardene of Sri Lanka holds the record for most International Catches in the game’s history.

The former Sri Lankan captain was equally proficient at taking catches in crucial areas of the park as he was at making an impact with the bat.

He is also the only cricketer to have collected over 400 catches in international cricket to date.

The cricketer caught the majority of his catches in one-day internationals.

Mahela had 218 receptions in 448 50-over games, nearly one catch every two games.

Ricky Ponting – 364 catches

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Ricky Ponting holds the record for the most catches in international cricket.

The Australian player collected 364 catches in 717 innings, with the majority of them coming in Test matches.

Ponting, like Dravid, was recognised for his outstanding slip-cordon fielding.

Ricky had eight catches in T20I despite his brief career.

He seldom missed anything that flew by him in ODIs, and he also produced some spectacular catches.

Ross Taylor – 340 catches

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Intriguingly, Ross Taylor has nearly equaled the number of catches in the Test and ODI formats.

This pattern differs from that of the other individuals on the list.

With a few more years left on his contract, the Kiwi has a chance to move up the list.

He also got to play a lot of T20I cricket, which the other members of this group didn’t get to do.

Jacque Kallis – 338 catches

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Kallis has also excelled as a catcher on the field, in addition to his bat and ball skills.

In international cricket, the South African all-rounder has taken over 300 catches.

In five-day cricket, Kallis has 200 catches, but in ODI and T20I cricket, he has 131 and seven catches, respectively.

Kallis generally fielded closer to the plate since his reactions were slow.

Kallis generally fielded closer to the plate, and his quick reflexes allowed him to hold on to most of the edges.

Rahul Dravid – 334 catches

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Rahul Dravid is the best fielder India has ever had, as well as the best slip-catcher the game has ever seen.

In the Test format, the former Indian captain now holds the record for most catches.

In this style, he’s amassed a total of 210 catches.

He has also performed admirably as a catcher in One-Day Internationals.

It’s worth noting that Rahul was also a part-time wicketkeeper, so all of his catches with the gloves aren’t included in this figure.

Despite this, he has almost 300 international catches to his credit.

Stephen Fleming- 306 catches

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Stephen Fleming is a player that is frequently overlooked. He was a fantastic batsman for New Zealand, but he goes unnoticed.

The lefthanded pitcher was also a fantastic captain and is now a renowned coach.

Despite this, he does not receive the recognition he deserves.

In the fielding department, the Kiwi has also done some outstanding work that goes unnoticed.

With a dismissal per innings score of 0.637, the athlete was a huge force on the field with a safe pair of hands throughout his career.

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