Champion’s League: Ronaldo’s goal help Devils beat Atalanta by 3-2

Cristiano Ronaldo
credit: Manchester United/twitter

Champion’s League has now completed half the journey of the group stage and displayed some great football matches.

Manchester United yesterday defeated Atalanta in one such match, when they made an unbelievable comeback in the second half of the game

Cristiano Ronaldo scored the third and conclusive goal for Manchester United’s thrilling victory.

Manchester United has now climbed to the top of Group F after their nail biting thriller victory over Atalanta.

Match Summary

It’s not a difficult thing to say that Manchester United actually stole the victory out of Atalanta’s claw.

Atalanta completely dominated the first half of the game and made it seem as they’ll score an one sided victory against the Premier League giants.

Pasalic scored the first goal of the match and for his side in the 15th minute of the match giving his team a lead of 1-0 in early minutes of the game.

credit: ESPN/twitter

Then 13 minutes later, Demiral scored another goal in the 28th minute for Atalanta and increased the lead to 2-0.

Manchester United’s all effort to even the score in first half failed completely and Atalanta ended the first half with a lead of 2-0.

The second half was the point where Manchester United started their comeback and Rashford’s goal in the 53rd minute brought Devils’ hopes back in the game.

Then Maguire scored the second goal for Manchester United in the 75th minute and leveled the score to 2-2.

credit: ESPN/twitter

The comeback was completed by none other than Ronaldo itself. CR7’s header In the 81 minute sealed United’s comeback and completely turned the table on Atalanta.

Atalanta failed to score another goal in the remaining minute resulting in the thrilling comeback victory for Manchester United.

Manchester United’s next game is against Liverpool and victory like this will definitely boost the confidence of the squad, which will come in handy in the tough game.

Red Devils are now on the top of the table and Atalanta are below them on second position.

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