Daniil Medvedev wins the US Open: Celebrates with the ‘Dead Fish’ move

Daniil Medvedev won his maiden Grand Slam title. He won his first ever major title by defeating, World’s No.1 Novak Djokovic.

The 25-year-old Russian has a come a long way from Australian Open 2021, where in the Men’s Final, he lost against the same guy, Novak Djokovic in quite a similar manner.

Medvedev defeated Djokovic in the first three sets by 6-4, 6-4 and 6-4, to earn a clean slate victory.

The Dead Fish Celebration

Daniil Medvedev is not only on the top of the headlines because of his history making victory but also the post victory celebration dance.

We all must have seen a lot of different post victory celebration, but Medvedev’s celebration was one a kind.

During his post victory celebration, Daniil Medvedev lied on the ground and was moving like a ‘Dead Fish’. Giving it the name ‘Dead Fish Celebration’.

Medvedev said “Only legends will understand. What I did after the match was L2 + left,”.

Then later while explaining, Medvedev told everyone that the dance was inspired from the FIFA game he plays in PlayStation. He told that this idea first came to his mind during his Wimbledon Run.

He also said, “When I was running through [the draw at] Wimbledon… I was really confident about my game. I think it was one night, you know, you cannot fall asleep. Five, 10 minutes you have crazy thoughts, like every other person.”

“I was like, OK, if I’m going to win Wimbledon, imagine I win it against Novak or whatever. To not celebrate is going to be too boring, because I do it all the time. I need to do something, but I want to make it special.

“I like to play FIFA. I like to play PlayStation. It’s called the dead fish celebration. If you know your opponent when you play FIFA, many times you’re going to do this. You’re going to score a goal, you’re up 5-0, you do this one.

“Yeah, I talked to the guys in the locker [room], they’re young guys, super chill guys. They play FIFA. They were like, ‘That’s legendary’. Everybody who I saw who plays FIFA thinks that’s legendary. That’s how I wanted to make it… It’s not easy to make it on hard courts. I got hurt a little bit, but I’m happy I made it legendary for myself.”

Daniil Medvedev is as amazing and unique as his Dead Fish Dance. The US Open witnessed a rise of new Icon.

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