Did you know? Azharuddin played the helicopter shot much before Dhoni; Watch video

Azharuddin's helicopter shot
Image credit: @dna/ Twitter

For the longest time in cricketing history, batsmen found it tough to knock the full ball or the yorker out of the park, let alone for a four.

Furthermore, a batsman’s ability to get beneath the ball is to hamper when the ball is bowl at a fast tempo.

This is why fans realise there was something special about Mahendra Singh Dhoni when he pulled off the Helicopter Shot.

It became associated with the former Indian captain’s persona over time.
It’s actually a challenging photo to pull off.

You’ll need an excellent hand- eye coordination, strong backhand power, and the ability to forecast the ball’s length.

Many have attempted and succeeded in playing this shot, but none can disagree that Dhoni’s is the original.

However, its surprising for many fans to learn that long before Dhoni played this shot and made it famous, another Indian captain played a similar shot.

Mohammad Azharuddin is his name.

The former cricketer from Hyderabad is recognised as one of India’s best captains. His batting has been hailed all around the world.

Watch video of Azharuddin’s Shot

On Twitter, an old video of Azharuddin’s batting surfaced, showing the batsman playing a hit that looks similar to Dhoni’s helicopter shot.

Azhar hit the shot during a 1996 Test match against South Africa at Kolkata’s Eden Gardens

He hit 18 fours and a six in a brilliant innings of 109 runs off 77 balls.

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