Did you know the story behind ICC Test Championship mace? Now you know

From 2003 to 2019: ICC Test Championship Mace Winners List
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With only a few hours left the highly anticipated World Test Championship final between India and New Zealand, let’s take a look at the significance of the Test Championship mace, which will be awarded to the winner.

The victorious team will get USD 1.6 million in addition to the mace, while the runners-up will receive USD 800,000.

Idea behind designing Mace

Trevor Brown, a world-renowned trophy designer, created the Test Championship mace in 2000.

Brown explained how he came up with the idea for the mace, saying,

“One of the moments that inspired the design…was seeing a cricketer grab a stump as a souvenir after a particularly close match. As the stump was waved aloft it occurred to me that a mace…could stand out against a typical cup design and be something quite different.”

About the Mace

The Mace is based on the global character of Test cricket and the contending nations.

Meanwhile, it was design by English luxury company Thomas Lyte.

The cricket ball is the Mace’s focus point since it is at the heart of the game, whether it is bowled, hit, or fielded.

The world encircles the ball, indicating Test cricket’s global reach, and the silver gilt cricket ball is visible through the oceans of the map, according to the ICC.

The countries of the world are supported on the longitude lines seen on a globe.

Allowing for a wonderful interplay of light on the various surfaces, particularly as the mace moves and catches that light.

A central belt also encircles the globe, bearing the symbols of all 12 competing Test nations. With room to add more in the future.

The mace’s shaft is design as a stump, with a silver gilded laurel band spiralling up the shaft. A tribute to the all-important wicket.

The mace was originally awarded to teams that finished first in the ICC Men’s Test Team Rankings, but it will now be awarded to the champions of the WTC.

On the other hand, if the final is a draw or a tie, the first and second place winners will split the prize money and share possession of the mace for the duration of their reign as champions.

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