Did you know? These bowlers never delivered a no-ball

5 bowlers who never delivered no ball
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Cricket is a game full of uncertainties. What will happen next is impossible to guess.

A simple error, such as bowling a no-ball or a wide, can cost a team the game.

In the midst of these uncertainties, we’ve seen some bowlers who have perfect control.

Here’s the list of 5 bowlers who never bowled a no ball in his entire career

Lance Gibbs

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Lance Gibbs, a West Indian spin bowler who was one of the most prolific in Test cricket history, holds the rare distinction of never bowling a no-ball in his career.

He appeared in 79 Tests and three One-Day Internationals during his illustrious career.

The West Indies cricket team was at its peak from the early 1980s to the early 1990s, and Lance Gibbs, a spinner, emerged as one of the most prolific bowlers in Test cricket.

Gibbs was also the first spinner in Test cricket history to cross 300 wickets.

Ian Botham

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Ian Botham, one of cricket’s greatest all-rounders, did not bowl a single no-ball in his career.

As a right-handed batsman, he was known for his aggressiveness, and as a right-arm fast-medium bowler, he was known for his swing bowling.

He had 27 innings with five wickets and four matches with ten wickets.

In 1980, he became just the second player in Test history to score 100 runs while also taking 10 wickets in the same match.

He represented England in 102 Tests and 116 One-Day Internationals.

Imran Khan

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Imran Khan, a Pakistani fast bowler, cemented Pakistan’s place in international cricket.

He has never bowled no balls in 88 Tests and 175 one-day matches throughout his career.

Kapil Dev

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The Indian captain, who led his country to its first World Cup victory in 1982, was named the winner of the award for the 1980s.

Kapil Dev was the all-rounder.

In that decade, he took the most wickets and also had the best strike rate.

Kapil had dedicated his life to Indian cricket, even though he was well past his prime.

Kapil, along with Sunil Gavaskar, was a key figure in India’s success stories in the 1980s, though he dragged on his career in the early 1990s, delivering less-than-desirable results in the end.

However, Kapil Dev’s name will live on in Indian cricket history.

Dennis Lillee

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Dennis Lillee, one of Australia’s most disciplined bowlers, won 355 wickets in 70 test matches without throwing a single no-ball.

Lillee was known for his fiery demeanour, “never say die” attitude, and fan success.

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