From Pakistan to Australia; 3 teams, against whom India have lost the most ODI matches

3 teams, whom India have lost most ODI matches
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The ODI cricket history of the Indian team is very golden. Where Team India has won 2 ODI World Cups in 1983 and 2011.

At the same time, ICC Champions Trophy has also been won in 2002 and 2013. India has dominated many teams in ODI cricket.

However, against some teams, the Indian team has also faced many defeats.

Here’s the list of 3 teams against which India have lost the most matches in ODI

#1 Australia, 80 matches

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Australia is a 5-time world champion. The record of this team is good against all the teams of the world. If India has lost the most matches to any team, then it is Australia.

India have played 143 ODIs against Australia so far, in which they have won only 53 matches and have lost 80 matches. There is no result of 10 matches played between the two teams.

The Australian team has always been dominating the Indian team and the glimpse of this is clearly visible in the record of the win and loss of both the teams.

Australia also defeated India in the 2003 World Cup final. At the same time, in the 2015 World Cup semi-final, the Indian team had to face defeat.

#2 Pakistan, 70 matches

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Cricket lovers are eagerly waiting to see the match between India and Pakistan.

Although now these two teams do not play each other, only in the ICC tournament can these two teams see a collision.

Pakistan had a very good team in the 1980s-90s, due to which their record is quite good against India.

So far, a total of 132 ODIs have been played between these two teams, in which the Indian team has won 55 matches, while they have lost in 73 matches.

There is no result of 4 matches played between the two teams. India suffered a humiliating defeat in the ICC Champion’s Trophy 2017 against Pakistan.

#3 West Indies, 63 matches

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The West Indies team dominated the 1980s. This team is also the winner of the 1975 and 1979 World Cups.

At that time, it was difficult task for the Indian team to beat the West Indies.

However, for the last 15-20 years, the record of the Indian team has been quite good in front of the West Indies.

India have played 133 ODIs against the West Indies so far, winning 64 matches and losing 63 matches.

Two matches have also been tied between the two teams, while no result has been produced for the four matches.

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