‘IPL is a source of livelihood’: Chetan Sakariya on IPL suspension petition

IPL 2021
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In the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2021, Rajasthan Royals pacer Chetan Sakariya made headlines for his ability to take big wickets at crucial times.

With his variations and discipline for the Royals, the 23-year-old left-arm pacer from Saurashtra drew the attention of the cricketing world.

Last week, Sakariya received word that his father had tested positive for Covid and had been admitted to the hospital.

“I was lucky because I had received my part payment from Rajasthan Royals a few days ago. I straight away transferred money back home, and that is helping my family the most in my toughest time,” Sakariya, who represented Rajasthan Royals in IPL told The Indian Express.

The IPL was postponed on Tuesday due to Covid-19 cases in different IPL teams.

The IPL provides a source of income for domestic players like Sakariya, who are uncapped and do not have a central contract.

Sakariya is the only bread earner in his family

Image credit: Twitter

“People are saying stop IPL. I want to tell them something, I am the only bread earner in my family. Cricket is the only source of my earnings. I can give better treatment to my father because of the money I earned from IPL. Had this tournament not happened for a month, it would have been tougher for me. I come from a poor family, my father all his life drove tempo and because of IPL my whole life was about to change,” says Sakariya, who was picked for Rs 1.20 crores at the auction.

His regular life has revolved around hospital visits since he returned home. He sits on a hospital bench from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Sakariya is particularly concerned because his father is a diabetic.

Sakariya, like most IPL teams, is hoping for a fast conclusion to the season.

Aside from the name and fame, the money gained would make a difference in people’s lives.

The Sakariya family is in desperate need of a new home.

“I am the only member in my community who has earned so much. My mother doesn’t know how many zeros are there in crores. Our first priority is to see my father back and then build that home. For that, IPL should happen.”

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