IPL: Top 5 batsman with most sixes in last over

IPL- most sixes
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Over the years, the Indian Premier League (IPL) has totally transformed the way batsmen view the game.

It has also had a major influence on international cricket and other formats.

Because of the fast pace of the IPL (20 over) format, batsmen are frequently required to accelerate their innings.

This is particularly useful in the death overs, where both teams must score at a rapid pace.

The 20th over is the most difficult for bowlers, as batsmen try to find a boundary with every ball most of the time.

In such cases, all of the teams want some big hitters in their pool who can slam sixes at will.

Let’s take a look at a few of them.

The list is dominated by players who bat at the bottom of the order.

This allows the team to make the most of their final touches.

5. Ravindra Jadeja (15 sixes)

He has hit 15 sixes in his last over, making him the best all-rounder for Chennai Super Kings.

4. Hardik Pandya (23 sixes)

Hardik Pandya is the best finisher in the IPL, scoring in the final over on four occasions.

3. Rohit Sharma (23 sixes)

Rohit Sharma isn’t exactly a player who is left out in the final overs, but when he gets the chance, he never misses out; in his last over, he has hit over 23 sixes.

2. Kieron Pollard (27 sixes)

Pollard, the West Indian beast, has the potential to score big runs in the final over.
In 52 games, Pollard has hit 27 sixes.

1. MS Dhoni (49 sixes)

Dhoni is the Chennai Super Kings best finisher, having completed nearly every match in style.

He has also contributed to the team’s run totals. Dhoni bats at number five in order to score runs in the final overs.

He has hit 49 sixes in the complete last over of his 206 IPL matches.

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