Novak Djokovic is co-founder of a biotech company developing Covid drug

Novak Djokovic is co-founder of a biotech company developing Covid drug
Facebook/Novak Djokovic

World tennis champion Novak Djokovic who was recently deported from Australia due to his coronavirus vaccine status is a co-founder and majority shareholder of a biotech firm developing a Covid-19 treatment.

The Danish company’s CEO has come up with this big news of the week. Djokovic is one of the founders of the company founded in June 2020.

As per the publicly available information in the Danish business register, Novak Djokovic and his wife, Jelena, together hold a stake of 80 per cent in QuantBioRes.

The biotech company employs a workforce of around 20 in Denmark, Slovenia, Australia and Britain.

The company aims to develop a new technology to fight viruses and resistant bacteria.

QuantBioRes is planning to launch clinical trials in the UK in the summer, as per its CEO.

The unvaccinated Djokovic flew out of Melbourne on Sunday after failing a court bid to stay and play in the Australian opening Grand Slam of the year.

His unexpected departure followed a legal battle between the athlete and Australian authorities. It may even cast a dark shadow over the tournament.

Tennis Australia chief executive Craig Tiley has now declared that he will not resign over the Novak Djokovic visa controversy.

This comes as Tennis Australia faces increasing scrutiny over Covid-19 testing protocols.

Tiley found himself in the firing line over Tennis Australia in allowing the unvaccinated Novak Djokovic to Melbourne.

The Covid protocol controversy flared up when Novak Djokovic stoked global debate about the rights of people who opt not to get vaccinated. Later he was deported from Australia.

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