Saina Nehwal: Haven’t received COVID-19 report, just been told it’s positive

Saina Nehwal, the former World No. 1 badminton player shared on Twitter her concerns about her COVID-19 test report from Monday. Nehwal has said that she never received the previous day’s test report, which normally should have reached her 5 hours after the test. Nehwal is currently in Bangkok for the Thailand Open.

Nehwal added that she was asked to go to a Bangkok hospital before her warm-up match and was told that the Monday Test results suggested that she had tested positive for coronavirus.

“I still didn’t receive the covid test report from yesterday it’s very confusing and today just before the warm up for the match they tell me to got to hospital in bangkok … saying that I m positive ..according to rules the report should come in 5 hours..”: Nehwal tweeted on Tuesday.

The Badminton Association of India (BAI) tweeted on Tuesday that Nehwal and HS Prannoy have tested positive for COVID-19 at the Thailand Open.

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According to BAI, the two Indian badminton players tested positive during the mandatory third round of tests. As a result, the organizers asked Saina and Prannoy to remain in isolation in a hospital for at least 10 days.

The BWF released a statement and confirmed that four players participating in the tournament have been tesed positive for COVID-19.

“Can confirm four players tested positive for COVID-19 in Bangkok, Thailand today after the third round of mandatory testing was conducted on Monday 11 January, 2021. The four players included two from India, one from Germany, and one from Egypt. Upon retesting the same specimens, one player from India, and both players from Germany and Egypt were found to be negative. These three players will be retested today,” BWF said.

“The entire Indian team has been categorised high risk by Thai health authorities and all players and team entourage are currently self-quarantining in their rooms at the hotel and will be subject to a PCR test today. Each individual is subject to daily testing until further notice from the Department of Disease Control, but players can continue to play upon producing a negative result. India players scheduled to play today will be allowed to come to the venue. No coaches, managers or other personnel from Team India are allowed.”