Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder: Gypsy King knock Wilder out to seal the trilogy

Tyson Fury
credit: ESPN/twitter

Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder is one of the most heated and controversial rivalry known among the combat sports community.

Tyson Fury knocked out Deontay Wilder in the 11th round of their 12 round boxing bout to finally put a conclusion seal on their rivalry.

Both these fighters got a big history and already fought each other twice before this trilogy fight.

The first fight resulted in a controversial Split Draw, on the other hand in the second fight Tyson Fury handed Wilder the first loss of his pro boxing career.


The first fight that happened on 1 December 2018 ended in a split draw.

The rematch took place on 22 February 2020, in this match Tyson Fury handed the Deontay Wilder the first loss of his pro boxing career, Tyson knocked Wilder out in this fight.

The Controversy didn’t end here. After the match Deontay claimed that Tyson Fury had something inside the padding of his gloves or the bandages.

As expected Tyson neglected the claim and told Wilder is just a loser who couldn’t accept his defeat.

Wilder then initiated his rematch clause in march with the match first scheduled for July 18 but was postponed due Wilder’s surgery and Covid conditions.

Then the date was again pushed back to December because of Covid 19 lockdown.

Team Fury even said that their rematch clause have expired by now, to which team Wilder declined.

Then Wilder went to the court and meanwhile Fury get into arrangements with Anthony Joshua for a fight but the judges ordered Fury to give Deontay his rematch.

So Fury had to put aside his fight with Joshua and gave Wilder his rematch.

The Trilogy

Walking into this trilogy, both Wilder and Fury had tons of bad blood for each other and the heat was clearly visible during the press conference and weigh ins.

Both fighters recorded their heaviest weights yet in their careers. Tyson weighing 277 pounds and Wilder was 238 pounds.

The entrance was just as magnificent as it could be, Wilder with that robe and glow and Tyson dressed up as a roman king.

Wilder in the first round itself made it clear that he ain’t just here with his right hand but some techniques too.

On the other hand this time it was Tyson who had switched to power hitting.

The first big moment came in the round 3 when Tyson Fury knocked down Wilder, the first knockdown of the match. Just when everyone thought it was over, Wilder got up.

In the very next round, Wilder did the unbelievable, he knocked down Fury twice in the same round. This was something that have never happened before in Tyson Fury’s career.

But just like last time Tyson absorbed those hard punches from Wilder and got up to shook the whole world.

Tyson had almost double the strikes than Wilder but Wilder had more knockdowns

Fury kept on building pressure on Wilder and slowly slowly Wilder started to ran out of gas, his guard got lower, his sharpness was getting blunt but his power was still the same.

Then in the 10th round Fury knocked Wilder off his feet again and leveled the score of knockdowns.

Now Deontay Wilder was struggling but didn’t give up but in the 11th round Fury knocked out Wilder and concluded the match right there.

Both fighters showed amazing heart, Wilder was really good, he depicted improved boxing techniques rather than just relying on Power.

But Tyson Fury ‘The Gypsy King’ proved why he is a total different breed of a fighter, he is definitely something that we can call built different.

This is definitely the best fight of the year and one of the best fight in the boxing history.

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