Virat Kohli’s RCB journey: Coming of age of India’s modern great

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Virat Kohli is no doubt the most sensational and biggest Cricket Icon, at present.

His batting skills are second to none and he has proved his mettle in all formats of Cricket.

In spite of showing tremendous performance and results, Virat’s captaincy has always been a matter of question among fans.

The major reason behind this could also be the fact that Virat hasn’t won any major cup or title yet.

In his last match against KKR, Virat Kohli became the first player to play 200 IPL matches from a single franchise.

Virat shook the world when he announced that he’ll leave the post of Team India’s T20 captain after the upcoming T20 World Cup.

Virat Kohli IPL
Image credits: Virat Kohli/Instagram

Few Days later, he also announced that he’ll step down from RCB’s captaincy too after this edition of the tournament.

Virat’s skill both as a player and a skipper are great and unique from anyone else. Virat got this positive and aggressive approach towards winning the matches.

This approach is what made him the most successful Captain of Team India in the longest format of the game.

Virat’s record as RCB Captain

RCB planted the seed in hope of bearing a great fruit, when Virat first joined the franchise in 2008, under youth contract.

The seed grew into the greatest fruit, but it showed it’s colours for the first time in the year 2010, when Virat was the 3rd highest run scorer for his team.

Virat Kohli first became the skipper for the squad in year 2011 and has been the captain ever since for 11 continuous years, from year 2011 to 2021.

IPL 2021 Virat Kohli
Image Credits: @IPL/Twitter

Virat’s batting average notably increased by a huge margin after he became the Skipper of RCB.

Virat Kohli had played 60 IPL matches, where he was not the captain of the team with a batting average of 26.96.

His batting average increased to 43.28 after he became the captain of the squad.

Under Virat’s captaincy, RCB has played 132 matches and recorded 62 victories and 66 losses.

In the 2016 edition of the IPL, Virat broke the record of most runs scored in a single season by scoring 973 runs and leading his team from the front.

The Decision

Virat’s decision to step down from captaincy of Indian T20 squad and now RCB has shocked the world to its core.

Virat said he’ll continue to play the format as a player and RCB to be the only franchise he wants to play with.

Virat has been facing trolls and criticism for past couple of years. Virat hasn’t been that sharp lately, but he is still Virat Kohli.

The trolling and Criticism doesn’t seem much, but stuff like this always have impact on people.

The reason behind the decision is still unknown but Virat is stepping down from T20 captaincy of both Team India and RCB.

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