WATCH: Bowler’s hilarious action will remind you of ‘Goli’ from Lagaan, check viral video

Bowling Lagaan Goli
Image: screengrab

Many cricketers grab the attention of viewers due to their unique bowling action. Players like Lasith Malinga, Paul Adams and Matheesha Pathirana have a different style of bowling as they use a unique technique. Do you remember the Bollywood movie Lagaan? No, we are not going out of context here and you will soon get our point. The Aamir Khan starrer film based on cricket showed how villagers decide to come up with a cricket team to take on the Britishers.

In the movie, one character named ‘Goli’ had a unique and funny bowling style. His hilarious bowling action helped the villagers to beat the British batters in the film. Now, a similar action is grabbing everyone’s attention and has gone viral on social media.

Image: screengrab

Interestingly, the now viral bowling action is real-life. It appears that the bowler was inspired with ‘Goli’s bowling action. In the video, you can see the bowler rotating his arm throughout the run-up before finally throwing the ball.

A Twitter user shared a video with the caption: “Step aside Bumrah, Malinga & Pathirana. Here comes the of (GOAT) all bowling actions!!!” As it went viral, it was retweeted by freelance commentator Charles Dagnall through whom it caught former English skipper Michael Vaughan’s attention as he shared it further captioning it “Proper action”.

Meanwhile, Matheesha Pathirana and Maya Sonawane were recently seen performing some unique bowling action.

During the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2022, Chennai Super King’s Matheesha Pathirana drew attention with his unique style of bowling, which resembles Sri Lanka’s Lasith Malinga. In the fourth edition of the Women’s T20 Challenge, Velocity’s Maya Sonawane broke the internet with her Paul Adams-like bowling action.

Watch Goli’s bowling

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