Why Sachin Tendulkar, Shane Warne want ICC to review DRS?

Modern cricket seeks a modern solution, and hence the advent of Decision Review System (DRS) which overturns or confirms the decision of an on-field umpire in favour of one and against another side. Despite dependent on most advanced technologies, the DRS has come under fire from former cricketer of late, owing to some shortcomings. Not only has the DRS been censured but umpires too, have come under fire from pundits.

While two heavyweights of the cricketing universe are engaged in a neck-to-neck battle in Australia, the southern continent is also currently hosting the 10th season of the domestic T20 league – Big Bash League (BBL).

What’s the big deal with DRS?

In the ongoing Test rubber between visitors India and hosts Australia, a number of decisions via the DRS, have been found debatable, given the conditions taken into considerations. One of the most contentious point about DRS is the ‘Umpire’s Call’ in case of a Leg Before Wicket (LBW) dismissal. When less than 50% of the ball is hitting the stumps, excluding the bails, as per the ball-tracking technology, it’s an umpire’s call. The on-field decision stays in case of an umpire’s call.

A number of decisions went in favour of the home team in the 2nd Test, on Day 1 and Day 3 of the game. Following some controversial decisions, Indian legend Sachin Tendulkar opined on Twitter, “The reason players opt for a review is because they’re unhappy with the decision taken by the on-field umpire. The DRS system needs to be thoroughly looked into by the @ICC, especially for the ‘Umpires Call’.

The tweet was shown on television, moments after Australian great, Shane Warne quipped on air, “I just don’t understand the umpire’s call. If the ball is hitting the wickets (in case of lbw appeal), it has to be out.”