WWE Crown Jewel: Tribal Chief conquers the Beast, Becky Lynch beat both Sasha Banks and Bianca Belair

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WWE Crown Jewel was one of the best PPVs of the recent times. Their were mot a single match that cannot be considered as a banger.

The blood money PPV lived up to the hype and delivered an amazing night for wrestling and WWE fans all over the world.

Roman Reigns defeated Brock Lesnar in a most anticipated match and retained his WWE Universal Championship.

No Champions were dethroned and all of them managed to retain the title. Seth Rollins and Edge kicked off the PPV’s main card.

Matches and Highlights

Edge defeated Seth Rollins in Hell in a Cell match by hitting his own stomp on a steel chair to win the trilogy rubber match between him and the visionary. The match was a complete banger, as expected from both Seth Rollins and Edge.

Mansoor defeated his former mentor and tag partner Ali in front of his home crowd, keeping alive his Crown Jewel win streak. After the match Ali attacked Mansoor again and this time Mansoor was saved by none other than Olympic silver medalist in karate, Tarek Hamdi.

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Tarek Hamdi came to ring with his face wrapped in a cloth and the crowd went crazy watching their national hero. Hamdi then delivered a swift kick to Ali’s head and left the ring with Mansoor.

RK-BRO retained their Raw tag team titles against the former tag champions AJ Styles and Omos in a great wrestling match. Omos yet again was dominant as ever but RK-BRO capitalised opportunity and grabbed the win.

Zelina won the Queen’s crown tournament by Defeating Doudrop in the final. Zelina became the first ever to win the Queen’s Crown Tournament.

Goldberg defeated Bobby Lashley in a no holds barred match. Goldberg came in like a man on a mission and he completely devastated Bobby Lashley.

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Even the Hurt Business had no answer for the vicious assault and beating of Goldberg on Bobby Lashley. Goldberg speared Bobby Lashley off the ramp and then pinned him to win the match.

Xavier Woods defeated Finn Balor to become the 22nd King of the Ring in the history of WWE. King Xavier went against all odds and then defeated ‘The Prince’ in the finals of King of the Ring tournament.

Big E retained his WWE World Heavyweight Championship after defeating Drew McIntyre in a banger of a match. Both men gave up everything in their arsenal and it was Big E’s day, successfully retaining his title.

Becky Lynch defeated both Sasha Banks and Bianca Belair in a triple threat match for the SmackDown Women’s championship. The match was so amazing that it had audience hyped up till the last moment.

Becky retained in a lil controversial manner but the match tool the hype over the roof top.

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The Main Event

In the main event of Crown Jewel, the ‘Tribal Chief’ was up against the ‘Beast Incarnate’.

Both these men are not new to each other, in fact have fought each other before on numerous different occasions.

But what made this clash different and more hyped was the allegiance of Paul Heyman to Roman Reigns instead of Brock Lesnar.

Roman Reigns in the beginning of the match somehow managed to escape the Suplex City but methods like those don’t work forever in front of offence like that of Brock Lesnar.

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Brock dominated the first half their fight but Roman eventually found and opening and capitalised it and brought the Beast down.

Unfortunately Roman failed to kept on doing so and Brock restarted his assault and actually hit a F5 to Roman Reigns along with the referee.

With both men down, Paul Heyman threw the title in the ring between both Brock and Roman screaming “you know what to do with it”. As both Roman and Brock were in middle of tug of war, The Usos got in and hit Lesnar with a double Super Kick followed by the title on face by Roman.

The new official was in the ring by now and Roman Reigns pinned Brock Lesnar and escaped his fate yet again, thanks to the Bloodline.

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